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  • What is a good therapist? It depends on you. It is extremely important to find the right therapist to help you resolve your life conflicts. Some clients need a best friend, a confidant and a cheering section. Others need more. An exceptional therapist creates a safe, supportive and respectful collaborative relationship that promotes the changes needed for healing and growth. This therapist has the training, skills and experience to help make a difference in the life of the client. Our staff is a diverse group of Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) and Certified Massage Therapists (CMT) who have dedicated themselves to being exceptional helpers.

  • Rocio Anaya, AMFT
    Registration 87314

    (714) 742-8774


    I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. I have experience working with trauma, anxiety, depression, substance use, individuals, teens, children and families. I believe that every person holds inner knowledge of what they need, or untapped intuition. I work to help people find it and learn to use it. I believe evidence based interventions, acceptance and attunement promotes the spiritual work needed to return you back to yourself and your life.

  • Laurel Beason, LCSW
    License 28257

    (805) 610-4159


    Healing begins when you acknowledge that feelings of pain, isolation or fear are too much to carry alone. The journey starts by speaking the truth about what you want from life. Allowing yourself the opportunity to experience clarity and understanding is a gift no one can take away. I offer clients the opportunity to explore and identify goals for treatment by providing a space where honesty, openness and a sense of humor allow healing to begin.
    I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 10 years of clinical experience counseling individuals, families and groups. Specialty areas include posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, co-occurring disorders, grief counseling and end-of-life issues. I am a graduate of Fresno State University and utilize a client-centered, cognitive behavioral therapeutic approach.
  • Ellen Fields, CMT

    (805) 835-9798


    As a California Certified Massage Therapist and owner of Plus Massage, I offer massage treatments that are both relaxing and therapeutic, always tailored to your needs. Relax while benefiting from Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point and myofascial work. I am also trained in Upledger craniosacral therapy, positional release methodology and other light-touch bodywork. I employ the Auth method of massage for relaxing full strokes that penetrate to the deepest layers of muscle tissue without unnecessary pain.

  • James Fields, LMFT
    License 102544

    (805) 610-5059


    Does it seem that you cannot break free from the past, but are fearful of the future? Does your emotional pain seem to overshadow the joyful life you wish to live? Yes, from birth to death our lives can be touched by traumatic events. But we humans are resilient and foster the capacity to heal and to grow. I offer a safe and respectful therapeutic collaboration. As working partners, we will discover your own individual path to healing as we explore your innate courage and inspiration. We will work to discover the authentic you, to achieve psychological growth and a sense of well-being. I believe that life's painful experiences can be transformed into compassion, strength and wisdom.

  • Joan Fusco, LCSW
    License 16333

    (805) 801-3127


    Joan Fusco, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, has been in the field helping people for over 30 years. Her areas of expertise include pre and postpartum mood disorders, depression and anxiety, substance abuse, trauma, and issues with acute and chronic illnesses. She works with individuals, couples and families. Her bilingual skills (Spanish) are available for those who need it. Joan is client-centered, solution-focused, and uses a variety of therapeutic approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness.

  • Jenny Gustavson-Dufour, LMFT
    License 98554

    (805) 226-6466


    Our lives can often become overwhelming, leaving us feeling anxious, depressed or lost, without a clear direction to go. Often we know we don't want to feel like this but we're unsure how to change it. This is where therapy can help! Therapy provides a safe, honest place for people to explore their problems, collaborate to create solutions, and ultimately feel better. Life is meant to be enjoyed, full of happiness, and fulfillment. Topped with a good amount of humor! I want to help you have the life you want.
    I am a Marriage and Family therapist with experience working with individuals, couples, families and teens. My specialties include treating drug and alcohol addiction, PTSD, anxiety and depression. I work with people to improve communication, develop cohesive parenting approaches, and prepare for and manage change.
    I am accepting new clients with a number of available times on Saturdays.
  • Dr. Patricia M. Higgins
    License PSY23765


    I offer nurturing, supportive encouragement and counseling to clients striving to make positive changes in their lives. For more than 10 years, I have helped clients meet their individual goals for healing, recovery, and healthy lifestyle changes. I use a variety of therapeutic approaches as one approach does not fit all and each client is special and unique. I would be honored to help you along your individual healing journey.
    My background includes use of cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness-based compassion-focused interventions. I also teach various coping skills for stress reduction and anxiety management such as progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, yoga, deep breathing, visualization, and assertiveness training.
    I am accepting new patients and have many appointments available on Mondays. If you would like, I also have success in animal-assisted counseling and could bring one of my furry four-legged co-counselors into our sessions.
  • Jamie Stuart, LMFT
    License 47156

    (805) 835-5411


    Relationships make the world go round. Do you struggle in any of your relationships; work, friends, family, significant other or children? How does your relationship with others affect how you feel about yourself, how you relate to others, how you trust them? Are you the parent that you thought you would be? Do your relationships stop you from going after the things you dream about? Focusing on partner relationships, parenting, and family dynamics. Together we can look at how past relationships and experiences affect current circumstances, how substance abuse affects all members of the family, co-dependency and more.

    I have been trained in family systems theory, attachment theory, and parenting. I also specialize in addiction treatment, individual and family. I have worked with families affected by substance abuse for many years, the addicts and the members including the children. Addressing the many roles each family member plays to make the family work.

    My passion is about building up the family to be the foundation or rock each member needs. Helping each individual find their strengths and gifts that they personally possess. Being the best husband/wife and father/mother they can be. Together we can identify your family goals and make a plan on how to achieve them. I am currently taking new clients