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  • Couples Counseling

    Building a lasting partnership with love, respect and shared goals is difficult, especially when it includes family pressure, financial stress, parenting, social expectations and other challenges couples endure over the course of a lifetime. Applying the work of Dr. John Gottman of The Gottman Method and other therapies, we can work together to help improve communication, resolve conflict and enrich the life you share as a couple.

  • Relief from Depression

    Anyone can feel down from time to time, but if all pleasure has gone out of your life, if you feel isolated, if you think there is nothing to look forward to… then you may be suffering from depression. There is hope. Current treatments for depression have been found successful in over 80% of cases. There are less invasive ways to deal with the problem, talk therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), then if necessary move to the more invasive treatment, medication with a referral to a PCP or Psychiatrist. There is no reason to spend another minute of your life being unhappy.

  • Reducing Anxiety

    Anxiety is natural, but in its most extreme forms it is like an unwelcome guest who interferes with your goals and spoils your enjoyment of daily life. Anxiety can mean living with irrational fears (phobias), avoiding relationships, or even feeling as if one is about to die (panic disorder). Some people with depression also experience disabling anxiety. There are a variety of treatments for anxiety, depending on the specific issue and the client’s preferences.

  • Treatment for Trauma

    Adult children of child abuse, accident victims, survivors of assault, combat veterans and anyone who has experienced sudden or prolonged physical and emotional harm can carry a hidden weight of pain, shame and despair. Waiting for time to heal all wounds is not the answer. Client-centered talk therapy, journaling and guided imagery can help establish a safe context in which to engage in Exposure Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), where significant relief can result after only a few sessions.

  • Healthy Aging

    The second half of life presents unanticipated emotional challenges for many. Unlike selecting a career, getting married or having children, the fact that we grow old, lose our independence and eventually die is not a choice. Now that we are living longer than ever, many discover they must reinvent themselves at sixty-five rather than retire. Some become the parent to a grandchild, or struggle with a disability or sink into a lonely and bitter depression. Drawing on new resources and insights, you can optimize your strengths, compensate for your losses and cultivate the unique wonder and wisdom found only in the second half of life.

  • Grief Counseling

    After the loss of a loved one or important relationship, it is natural to feel sadness, pain, and regret. It often helps simply to talk about and make peace with the loss. But sometimes the grief is too enduring for talk to make a difference. Using William Worden’s Four Tasks of Grief and other wisdom as a guide, you find the meaning and purpose of your loss and increase the love and compassion in your life.

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    • Therapy for Children & Teens
    • Group Counseling
    • Play Therapy
    • Postpartum Depression
    • Survivors of Sexual Trauma